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Deth Specula - Live @ SCO Forum '94
Tuesday August 23, 1994

Malcom McCameron
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NOTE: Info on how the show went, as well as audio and video clips are available in a special section on IUMA
(note: since IUMA folded, this links to copy of this page hosted on deth.com).

August 18th, 1994



Park Your Heads, Lock Up Your Computer, and Feed Your Mouse Some Tranquilizers

SANTA CRUZ, CA (AUGUST 23, 1994) - Rock meets the Internet on Tuesday night, August 23rd at 7:30PM PDT (02:30AM UTC) as San Francisco Bay Area band Deth Specula puts on an experimental, real-time, audio and video broadcast. Anyone on planet Earth with direct Internet access can enjoy the live performance by the hard-rock quintet, which is known for it's caustic parody songs and quirky-yet-driving original tunes.

The show is taking place at The Santa Cruz Operation's annual Developer's Forum (SCO Forum94), which is held on the campus of the University of California, Santa Cruz. Underground, networked, rock non-stars Deth Specula have teamed up with UNIX software company SCO to put on a half-hour show as part of their Tuesday night party and barbecue.

The Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) will also be lending a hand. The IUMA system will carry the audio portion of the show, as well as still video images captured live during the show. IUMA has received extensive publicity, both in music industry publications as well as in the popular press, for its pioneering efforts to provide an on-line, Internet-accessible music archive.

The audio/video broadcast illustrates not only the current state of network technology, but also a possible future for music entertainment. The band's performance will be digitally encoded and sent across the Internet in two ways:

(1) using a network addressing scheme called ``MBONE,'' and
(2) using the World-Wide Web
MBONE, which is short for ``Multicast Backbone,'' was developed in 1992 to provide a way to broadcast audio and video over the Internet. Although the video and audio quality is not nearly as good as conventional television and radio broadcasts, what makes MBONE special is that it demonstrates what can be done with existing technology and offers a laboratory for exploring the future. MBONE is currently available in approximately 20 countries spanning the globe from Europe, to North America, to Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

Although this is certainly not the first audio and video broadcast across the Internet - MBONE is used daily for teleconferencing and seminars - this show is ambitious because of its simultaneous use of the World-Wide Web.

The World-Wide Web is an electronic information distribution system built on top of the underlying Internet. The Web makes available text, graphics, audio, and video across the network. Using a piece of software called a ``browser,'' Internet users can examine any of the tens of thousands of multi-media ``pages'' that are published around the world.

One popular Web browser is ``Mosaic,'' which provides a menu-driven, point-and-click interface. It is available from a variety of sources for Windows, Macintosh, Amiga, and UNIX systems. Use of ``the Web'' is increasing at an explosive rate as private citizens, companies, and even government agencies make information and services available over the Internet. (Use of the Internet is estimated by some to be in the tens of millions.)

Deth Specula is a five-man, hard rock band that plays original tunes as well as parody songs that make fun of computer-industry foibles. ``Specula,'' as they are known, feature two guitars, bass, drums and a lead singer. They are one of a growing number of musical groups making a home on the Internet and using the World-Wide Web to publicize their music - free of charge. With a browser (such as Mosaic), Internet users can read about the band, see photos of the players, watch a video of the band, and listen to some of the band's recordings.

Deth Specula's music can best be described as 70s-influenced rock, filtered through 80s punk, with a 90s spin. ``We play rock in a style that appeals to people who have brains and aren't afraid to use them'' says Malcom McCameron, the band's manager and lead guitarist. ``Our original songs comment on everything from politicians to liver transplants, and our parodies are even more brutal.''

Formed several years ago, Specula has earned a small but devoted following that learns of the band's activities through an e-mail ``fanzine.'' The band is known for T-shirts that proclaim non-existent gig dates that have been cancelled due to natural disasters, war, famines, and general mayhem. The locales and dates of the various disasters are printed on the back of the shirts, then struck out with the word ``Cancelled.''

Comments lead singer Timmy Rotarian ``Well, some people have mentioned that the `cancelled' schtick it kind of gruesome, but the shirts become a history lesson over time. Our first shirt had the date the Happy Hour Social Club was burned in New York. How many people are going to remember that tragedy without some kind of reminder?''

Band members are:

Kozmo - Guitar
Malcom McCameron - Guitar and management
rAsTrO! - Drums
Timmy Rotarian - Lead vocals
Yam - Bass


The show will be broadcast at:
World-Wide Web (IUMA): http://www.iuma.com/
MBONE: Broadcast via ``sd'' after about 1:00pm PDT (20:00 UTC) Showtime is at 7:30pm (02:30 UTC)
To find out more information on-line: See also the computer and network section of your local bookstore for books about the Internet, such as ``The Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog,'' by Ed Krol (2nd Edition April 1994, O'Reilly and Associates Inc, ISBN: 1-56592-063-5).



Malcom McCameron
Deth Specula
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E-mail: malcom@entropy.wpd.sgi.com
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